How do I record a part payment?


I create an invoice in new invoices for an amount and then go to receive money to record money collected. The client has not paid the full amount so I am recording the amount they have paid but am being overrided each time and it enters the full amount owing. This never happened in the past so seems to be a new update.

How can I enter the lesser amount so I can send them an invoice with the amount still owing?

Thank You

I don’t know how recently you may have updated your software or how old the version was that you think you remember. But Manager has, so far as I know, always allowed you to overwrite any default entries. But there are several ways you can enter a receipt of money against a sales invoice:

  1. Go to Sales Invoices tab, View the invoice involved, and click the Receive Money button. A receipt entry screen will appear with the remaining balance of the invoice filled in. If the client hasn’t paid that much, just edit the amount.

  2. Go to Cash Accounts => Receive Money => Select an account => Allocate to Accounts receivable => Customer => Invoice #. In this situation, the balance due does not come up. Enter the amount paid.

  3. Same as #2, but don’t enter the specific invoice number. Manager will automatically assign the payment to the oldest unpaid invoice(s) until it runs out of money.

Regardless of the approach, if you view the invoice, it will show the amount credited against the total and balance due.

I have the paid web version.

It does not matter if I do step 1 or 2, it keeps saying the invoice is
fully paid.

I have attached screen shot to show that $407 has been paid yes the invoice
says $429 .

I have been doing it the same way for years and this has never happened


What you are showing is that Manager believes that somewhere, you credited this customer for having paid enough that either (a) this specific invoice was paid in full or (b) other invoices were overpaid and applied to this invoice or © you received unallocated money from this customer with some of it being automatically allocated to this invoice. (Options b and c are really the same thing.)

To track down what happened, go to Sales Invoices tab and click on the blue balance due figure for Invoice 1088. It should say 0.00. That will bring up a screen showing all the transactions that have been applied to this sales invoice. You should be able to track down your problem from there.

The reason my first answer may not have seemed on target to you is that you said Manager was overriding your entries and entering the full amount owing. What it is doing is actually telling you the full original amount of the invoice has already been paid.

Thank You

I really don’t understand where it is drawing credit from.

If I click on the blue 0.00 it just says one payment of $429

Very confused. I guess I will just have to deal with it and tell my


Then click Edit on that payment line and see what it shows. For how much was that payment recorded? I’ll bet you entered $429. If that isn’t how much you received, correct it. And does it actually say Payment in the Transaction column? It should say Receipt.

Also, did you enter a tax code for the receipt? If so, what?

Can you show a screen shot of that payment for $429?

One last thing: do I understand correctly that this sales invoice was for you renting a stall to someone else? But they did not pay fully for it?

I have worked it out…thank you for your help. I thought I was going mad.