Reconciliation problem

I have attempted to reconcile one of my bank accounts.
Master says there is a discrepancy, exactly the same as the opening balance.
Why is this ? And how do I fix the situationAnd how do I fix the situation ? WhatWhat

Apologies for the mistakes that were not mine !

Can you post some screen images of what you are trying to do?

You need to give more detail of the problem - what you have said so far is not enough to help.

It seems like you have not followed the instructions as outlined in the guides - either in setting up your business or in doing the reconciliation

OK I will have a go

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First, it appears you have created custom control accounts for all individual bank accounts. Is that correct?

Next, show a screen shot of both the Edit and View screens for the last reconciliation of this bank account.

Finally, did you follow the Guide– —and drill down on the discrepancy figure in the Bank Reconciliations listing and then follow through the process?

hello @JAV from the screen shot it show you have not created bank account but you have created bank account controlled by another accounts. as @Tut said above post edit screen of one of the accounts . take example easy stret CU account, post its edit screen

Re account 3863/9113 CBA
No custom control on any accounts that I am aware of.
Yes I did read & follow the guide. I checked all the entries, calculated the discrepancy figure with the final figure at the bottom of the reconciliation page.
The $466.11, the discrepancy figure, is the starting balance of that account. It should have been taken into account during the reconciliation.
I will add screen shots of the Edit & View screens of 3863/9113 CBA account, on a separate post.

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It looks like you have created ordinary accounts with the names of your bank accounts in addition to the actual bank accounts in the Bank Accounts tab. And I think you are somehow entering receipts and payments without properly posting them to the real bank account. So when you perform a reconciliation, you are reconciling an actual bank account that has no transactions to it against your bank statement. Do the following:

  • Show a screen shot of the Edit screen for the bank account itself from the Bank Accounts tab.
  • Show a screen shot of the Edit screen for a receipt or payment that has been entered for this bank account.
  • Show a screen shot of your chart of accounts from the Settings tab. You only need to show the Assets section.

OK I will do that in about 30 minutes.

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@JAV looks like you intended to create control accounts without understanding how to create them. there seems to be no link between the accounts in Bank accounts tab and the accounts created in your chart of accounts.

  1. in your chart of accounts, you should edit 3863/9113 CBA and enable control accounts made up of Bank accounts.
  2. then in you Bank Accounts tab, you should edit 3863/9113 CBA and set the control account to the above account in first step.

follow the above steps for all your other similar accounts you have created.

also, from the second screenshot in your above post, it is evident that you are trying to transfer funds from one of your bank accounts 3863 to your another bank account 6625. using Receipts & Payments tab for this is not the right method. you need to enable and use Inter Account Transfers for the same. read the guide

i would recommend you to read and understand the guides section completely to avoid such mistakes in future. Manager is easier to use only when the user is aware of how the program functions.

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@JAV, @sharpdrivetek has explained the source of your problem. This is what I feared you were doing and why I asked to see the screen shots I did.

In summary, you created your bank accounts as regular bank accounts—that is, as subaccounts of Cash at bank. Then you created non-bank-account accounts with the same names and are trying to enter bank transactions with these non-bank-accounts.

From the portion of your chart of accounts shown, it looks like you are doing the same thing with fixed assets in various categories. And you are probably using tax codes incorrectly. There are Guides covering all these things.

Sorry for the off-topic but JAV, don’t you think you should blur personal data? (Maybe Staff should prevent users to publish personal data?).

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I have deleted @JAV’s images showing personal bank account information. They are no longer useful for diagnosing the problem.

@JAV, please read

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No one told me to do that ! Thanks for the info.

Hello, When creating Master for me, I followed the guides, every step. I did not create any ‘control accounts’. I created what I thought were ‘headers’, BUT did NOT designate them as control accounts.
I did look at the guide about control accounts, and decided I did not need them, because I wanted ‘control’, not another account.
What does a Control account control ?
In your above Step 1, you suggest I " enable control accounts made up of Bank accounts* I can’t work out what this means.
Made up of what bank accounts ?
I dont want Cash at Bank. I don’t need it, unless you can tell me its use. I tried to rename it and then delete it, and it would not do either,.
If it is a control account , nothing has told me that.
I followed the instruction in Set up, which stated I should first create my chart of accounts, which I did. Nothig told me the Chart of accounts were Control accounts … if that is what they are.
So for me to commence correcting the mistakes, please tell me what this part of your above Step 1 means - " enable control accounts made up of Bank accounts*
A sincere thank you for your assistance.

Looking again through the guides and looking at my Chart of accounts, my bank accounts on line, etc etc I still cannot work out why all the figures in Master are incorrect…
I need an example please of the Step instruction, the part i cannot understand. I dare not change anything untill I know exactly what I should be doing.
I am feeling desparate, because in 9 days time, I need to submit a Business Activity Statement to the Aus Taxation office !!
I need an example please of the Step instruction, the part I cannot understand.

the following extract from the guide on chart of accounts

the following extract form the guide on creating bank accounts

as per above, the Cash at bank is the default control account which reports the total balance of all your bank accounts. this is also highlighted in the guide on custom control accounts

now your requirement is to segregate and show the balance of each individual bank accounts you have created which would act as subaccounts of the main account Cash at bank. for this purpose you need to link the relevant accounts to the main account which was the process I explained earlier.

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