Bank Reconciliation Statement

Hello and Happy New Year.
I am having some difficulties with my first bank rec. I have read through all the relevant guide material and posts, and I think I have followed all the directions; but I cannot get the ‘Bank Reconciliation Statement’ to appear!
I have deleted and transferred and started new accounts, and updated but it still does not appear. Any suggestions?

Bank Reconciliations now appear under Reports - Cash Accounts - Bank Reconciliation Statements, is this where you are looking.

They use to be part of the Cash Accounts tab but were relocated. Some of the older guides may still refer to here.

This release note may help

Thanks, I have to go now, so will start again tomorrow!

Hi Brucanna, my problem is that the actual ‘Bank Statement’ doesn’t show up.

You will need to explain further, the actual Bank Statement doesn’t show up where ?

If you have at least one cash account designated as being maintained by a bank or other financial institution, Bank Reconciliation Statement will appear in the Reports tab under Cash Accounts. When you edit the cash account itself, you see this:

Then under Reports, you see this:

Manager does not produce an actual “bank statement.” That has to come from your bank, whether electronically or by snail mail. Manager only produces a reconciliation between what you have entered and the statement from the bank.

I believe there should be a ‘Bank Statement’ generated on this screen,
I’m not sure if this screenshot is going to work:

Yes, you will get a Bank Reconciliation Statement on that screen “if” the account reconciles.
If the account doesn’t reconcile, then you get the screen as posted.

It appears that this is your first reconciliation. The balance in your Cash Accounts tab Cheque Account as at July 29 needs to match the balance on your actual Bank Statement for the same date for the reconciliation to work…

It appears you have entered 7950.36 as the Bank Statement balance for that date. What is the Cash Accounts tab balance for the Cheque Account for that same date.

For ease, the bottom part of the above screen details the entered transactions, you can compare these to the entries on the Bank Statement. they should all match off.

Ok. Yes, this is my first rec.
Is this the Cash Accounts tab for the Cheque Account? I have the balance for the starting date of the actual bank statement

oops I think that pasted the wrong thing!

No, click on the blue figure balance here and then record the last balance for Jul 29

You need the balance for the “final” day of the actual bank statement - Jul 29.

The reconciliation compares the balances between the Cheque Account and Bank Statement for a given date

Ok, I am confused. Shouldn’t the starting date be for the beginning of the month (or end of the previous month) and that balance?

sorry, I missed the previous reply - I’ll check that out

right, then I clicked on the blue balance

now I’m not sure where, or how to record the last balance.
Sorry, I must seem quite dim.

Just be patient, this is only your first attempt and until you get to know how things working - it can all seem a bit strange.

Now that I can see the Cheque Account Balance, what were your Bank Statement balances for
Jun 29 - Jul 29 -

Opening balance (I am calling it Jun 29) is $7785.68
July 29 balance is $7950.36
On the paper statements from the bank

Ok so the opening balances between the Cheque Account and the Bank Statement Match - Big Tick.

Now can you do this - go to the Reports tab and click Bank Reconciliation Statement.
Click Edit and then click delete.

Now click new report, enter date June 29 and select Cheque Account and click create
Now click view and enter the balance as 7785.68 and click update.

I will be back in a hour or so.

Yay! Success! Thank you!

That was great, I now have a Reconciliation Statement as 29/06/2016
But now I’m still stuck on my 29/07/2016 reconciliation here:

I thought the rec statement would show up with the discrepancies for me to work through?