Total bank accounts not in balance with Cash at Bank control account

I am using the Manager desktop version 20.6.81. The total bank balance on the “Bank Accounts” tab is not in agreement with the “Cash at bank” in the control account in the Balance Sheet. The Bank accounts tab is showing the correct balances while the control account in the Balance Sheet is incorrect. Upon inspection, I found that the problem is emanating from one of the bank accounts which is showing an incorrect balance when I click on the Cash at bank balance in the Balance Sheet. What could be the cause of this and how can it be rectified?

First, as moderator, I deleted your first screen shot because it displayed proprietary bank account numbers. Please do not post personal information like that. If you want to, repost the screen shot after obscuring the numbers.

Second, your software should be updated. You are several hundred versions behind.

Third, turning to your specific question, you will need to furnish more information:

You need to post screen shots illustrating this. In your initial post, you showed only what was displayed in the Bank Accounts tab. We need to be able to compare the two. We also need to know why you think one of the balances is incorrect, which one it is, and what makes it incorrect. To determine that, you will need to keep drilling down until you get to the transaction level so you can compare with your cleared bank statement.

One reason Cash at bank may not equal the total of bank account individual balances is that one or more bank accounts could be assigned to a different control account. For example, a credit card might be set up as a bank account, but be assigned to a custom control account under liabilities. You have shown nothing that allows determination of this. To check on this, look at the Edit screens for all bank accounts. The control accounts to which they are assigned will be revealed.

If that is not your problem, you will need to look further into the transactions of individual accounts

So far you have posted one screen so it is not possible to verify what you are saying

I have no doubt that you have a problem but we need to see it for ourselves

Sorry, didn’t see Tut’s reponse - so please ignore

Many thanks for deleting the first screenshot. I have drilled down to the individual transactions and found the error! Thank you for your assistance. I have also updated to the latest version :wink: Thank you!

Out of curiosity, what was the nature of the problem?

Incorrectly mapped special accounts.

That would do it.