Bulk-categorization for imported bank statements

Is there any way to select multiple transactions in a bank account and set the “Account” field (removing the item from Suspense) without having to edit each one individually? For example, I have multiple transactions at coffee shops per week that I need to categorize as expenses. It would be nice if I could just select them all on the account screen and edit all of them at once.

This is something I’m currently working on. Should be available within a few days.

Thank you!

This feature is now available in the latest version (14.1.28)

To use it, go to Bank Accounts tab. Click on bank account which contains uncategorized transactions and if it does, you will see yellow message at the top notifying you that there are some transactions eligible for bulk categorization.

Bravo. This feature is a real time saver for me.

I am new to manager software so I have not been able to see all the features. I am wanting to know if the software will reconize automatically bank transactions and list them in the correct account. I have seen the bulk feature which is nice.

No, Manager can’t do this yet but it’s definitely on the roadmap. It’s called bank rules. The idea is that you will be able to per-define rules for auto-categorization so when importing bank statement, Manager can automatically suggest the right accounts.

In the past I could use the bulk option, but since a few months i can not use the checkboxes to select a row. They are “greyed-out”. I am doing something wrong?

Can you provide clearer details of where you are in the programme and what you are trying to achieve.
Screenshots would be of a great assistance