Hi. We post multiple payments in single voucher through “payments and receipts” tab. But I want to be able to track them through cheque numbers individually. Kindly provide option of “custom field” as line option in “payments and receipts”. It only has option for custom field but not as line item.


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You can enter the cheque numbers in the Description field for each line.

@Tut. Currently I am doing the same but I want to add 2 line items, 1st, where i can mention the bank and 2nd, where i can mention the cheque number. This way, i will be able to copy data from “custom reports”, take it to excel and filter data for a certain bank account and tele all debit payments.

You could enter the information as
Bank A / cheque 9999
Bank B / cheque 8877
and use the text to column feature in Excel or a formula to extract the Bank name and cheque number separatley

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@Joe91 Thanks for the suggestion, I think it will work for me.