Cheque numbers (generally: bank reference numbers)

I have created custom fields in Receipts & Payments and Inter-Account-Transfers for (1) Payment Method and (2) Payment Reference. This was very helpful as it enabled identification of how the payment was made and made it easier to reconcile check records against check books registers.

However, when trying to reconcile a single bank, I either have to export the bank transactions from Bank Accounts or Bank Reconciliation tabs – which do not give me my custom fields or go to Receipts and Payments tab and Inter-account-transfer tabs, combine the two – which is time consuming since the data is not compatible since we have 1 account per line in the former and 2 in the latter.

I was wondering, since bank an cash accounts are entirely comprised of either or both of Receipts and Payments and Inter-Account Transfers; then is it possible to inherit the custom field in the Bank and Cash Account tables if the custom field exists in both Receipts & Payments as well as Inter-Account Transfers? Because that would be an awesome feature.

you can search the bank name in the Receipts & Payments tab itself and then sort it by any column of your choice.
in my opinion there is no point in showing custom fields from Receipts & Payments tab in the Bank Accounts tab because the function of these tabs are entirely different. one handles the transactions while the other only handles the account details.

But that would not give me my custom fields. The thing is here in Bahrain the banks are way behind in terms of bank export/import capabilities as well as transaction descriptions. Also, cheques are still the preferred payment method, so I have to reconcile the old way for the most part.