Listing Cheques

can i get a list of all the cheques i have written

You can list the payment transactions in the bank account in a custom report. How do you differentiate cheque payments from other types of payments?

From Summary, click on cash in bank amount, then click on the amount of the bank you want to get the list from.
it will appear all transaction you made, you can export it to excel then you filter on payments only

  • another idea to add custom field on payment with the cheques no. so you can track later.

Thanks Joe -how do i list in a custom report and by chq numbers

I use this Custom Report but this only works because I put the cheques number in the reference field of the payment transaction (my cheques are numbers 2001-2999 for now) and use alphabetic references for other types of payments (DD direct debit, etc) so the selection “where reference contains 2” select my cheque payments

Thanks Joe – worked a treat