Recieve Money to Multiple Invoices

is there a way of receiving money to multiple invoices in one go? say when we cash up daily, we could have lots of invoices and this can be very time consuming.

Receive money against Customer credits account (rather than Accounts receivable). Custom credits will be then automatically allocated among unpaid invoices.

thanks for the quick response. how do I receive the money against customer credits, I cannot seem to find where to go.

In the latest version, you can go to Cash Accounts tab, then click Receive money button.

Under Account column, choose Customer credits account, then select customer.

this worked until I set a period and then this made all those invoices unpaid again. can you help?

You could just reverse your set a period action - revert back to your previous setting.

Where in Manager did you do this “set a period” ?
Why did you want to change the “set a period” ?

Are you doing cash or accrual accounting? What you see can be affected, depending on where you are in the app.