Receipting customer payment for multiple invoices

I have looked everywhere to find if there is an way of doing batch receipting to allocate a customer payment made for multiple invoices. It is often difficult when a customer makes a payment without sending a remittance. Can I only receipt by individual entry for each invoice being paid?

The basic Guide you want is here, but it’s out of date:

It refers to Customer credits account, which has been deprecated.

There are three ways to do what you want. The first and easiest is to Receive money in a cash account. Allocate the receipt to Accounts receivable => Customer, and leave the invoice number blank. Manager will allocate the payment to the oldest invoice first, then the next, etc., until the receipt is fully used up. If there is not enough for the last invoice, it will show with a credit and reduced balance due. If there is money left, it will drive that customer’s Accounts receivable balance negative.

The second way, which should be used if the receipt is not for the oldest invoices for some reason, but is designated for specific invoices, is to Receive money in a cash account, but enter multiple lines, posting portions of the receipt to Accounts receivable => Customer => Invoice. So, one record, but multiple lines. The total will match the amount received.

The third and ugliest way is to View individual sales invoices and Receive money from them.

Thanks Tut