Receiving payment for multiple invoices

Hi. I cannot find a simple solution to receive a payment for multiple invoices in one go. Is there not a way where one can select the invoices that have been paid. And click on receive payment? Or something. The info I have read on the forum still requires quite a bit of manual input to receive a number of payments.

Currently I select each invoice and receive payment.

Any help to speed up this process will be appreciated.

If money has been received from a customer set up under the Customers tab, select Customer credits account. This will allocate the money received automatically against their outstanding sales invoices.

Ok. But I do not receive full payment for all the invoices. Is there a way to select which invoices it should allocate the payment to.

Read here

Thank you. I know how this works. However this is very manual and takes quite a bit of time. Especially searching for all the invoices and then also entering the amount that was paid for each. Currently I go to the sales invoice, view it and receive the money. Bit of repetition, however I feel its much faster than receiving the money via the bank account. As the invoices do not drop down sequentially numbered and then one still has to insert each invoice amount again.

What I was looking for was a solution that saves time when receiving money for a whole bunch of invoices. The ideal would be to select all invoices that were paid and then have a receive money option. But I guess this type of function or something similar is not available?

I think this is not a bad idea. The way it could work would be to have a button Receive money directly under Sales Invoices tab. Then you could select which invoices money should be received against and the receipt transaction could be prepared that way.

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@lubos - I think the request was to be able to select the Customer first and see all unpaid invoices relating to that customer and then be able to allocate the multiple of part & full payments.

I guess your solution would also work if you re-sorted the Sales Invoices tab by Customer first. Providing for part payment takes the process beyond just a “tick the invoice” to be paid

Hi lubos,

Yes something like that would be great!

Part Payment would obviously make the process more complicated and tricky. However one can select all that are fully paid, all at once and deal with part payment separately for now.

This would be perfect

Hi all, just started using manager and really like it.

A big Thank you.

Well, I was facing the same issue, received a cheque from a customer for multiple invoices, so want to know any updates - any way to select all invoices, and receive money against it? Please advise.

Once again thanks for this software. " 5 Star " to it.

@Bhavin, you are reading an obsolete topic. Several things in the program have changed since the last entry more than a year ago.

Read this Guide: Record a receipt | Manager. The answer to your question is in the section on Receipts against sales invoices, specifically the subtopic Receipts for multiple sales invoices.

Thanks . Will check it out. Thanks again for quick solution.


when receiving or spending money in the cash accounts, if we select the customer or supplier and their respective invoice, the balance due amount of that invoice auto-populating as a column would be a nice feature. if it is for multiple invoices the user can add another line and select another invoice. this would ease the process when receiving or spending money on multiple invoices together.

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Your approach would be more work than leaving the invoice number blank and letting the program allocate to open invoices automatically.

My idea was wrt those users who are keen to allocate payments to particular invoices. in a scenario where a customer pays 50% of an invoice in advance and places another order the next day for which they make a 50% payment along with few previous outstanding dues, the user would most likely want to track the separate invoice details.

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