One payment - multiple invoices

Is there a way to receive one payment from a customer, lets say $500, and have it pay off multiple invoices.

Sure, nothing to it. Go to the account where you will receive the payment, whether bank or cash. Allocate the receipt to Accounts receivable and the appropriate sales invoice. Make sure you enter only the amount due on that invoice.

Then add a line and repeat the allocation for another invoice, entering the amount to be applied there. Continue until the total amount received matches the payment from the customer. If the payment doesn’t exactly cover the outstanding invoices, Manager will either leave an invoice partially paid and still showing a receivable or allocate an overpayment automatically to that customer’s subaccount under Customer credits.

And if you don’t want to specify invoices manually one by one. You can simply allocate $500 to Customer credits account instead of making multiple Accounts receivable line item entries. Manager will automatically allocate customer credit among unpaid invoices of that customer.

Any idea if specify invoices manually, how can we get the outstanding figure being entered on the field automatically instead of manually enter and possibly only lists outstanding invoices instead showing all invoices number on drop-down list which we don’t know which is paid or which is unpaid?

In the Customers tab, click on the blue figure showing the number of sales invoices for the particular customer. You will see status, outstanding balance, etc., by invoice.