Receiving Payments From Costumer Against Credit Invoice

How can we enter a payment against credit invoice, Rather than go to sale invoice. it is lengthy procedure when you need to post many transactions.
is it possible that we enter all our costumers receiving amounts on a specific page and apply it to post on there behalf.

If you have a Customer who is paying several invoices with the one payment, when you Receive Money just enter the Account as Accounts Receivable + Customer and Manager will allocate the payments against the oldest invoice, then the next oldest invoice etc until the payment is fully allocate. This way you don’t have to select each invoice individually.

its ok one the amount related to one person. my question is when we have several costumers payment to enter.

Then you just enter each customer one at a time - there is no group customer processing

that’s what i want to say.
i use a software during my previous job i an multinational company (Novartis Pakistan), they use SAP Oracle software, a huge software and expansive. that’s why i face difficulty in this.

I cant find account receivable to post payments to invoices. Help please

See this Guide:

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