My Sales invoice status still says oweing

My Sales invoice still says oweing when it has been paid if full and I have just updated to the new desk top version and now diffrent

Post a screen shot of the edit screen for the sales invoice involved. Obscure private data, if necessary, but not the accounts or amounts. Also post a screen shot of the edit screen for the transaction where you entered your customer’s payment of the sales invoice. Same guidelines.

I was trying to pay invoice 165

so I clicked on view
which showed me this screen

then I click on receive money which took me to this screen

I put in which account and it took me to this screen

I clicked create
it recordered it but it still shows

I updated the manager and I have opened it and closed it and still nothing

On the Summary page, click on Set Period. Post screen shot of what appears.

Well, normally, you should check the box for Show balances for specified period. Then you would usually enter the date range from the beginning of your accounting period until Today. I was thinking perhaps you hadn’t reset the period at the beginning of 2017, since the invoice in question is one of only two this year. In that case, the program would be showing you status for last year. But in fact, you are displaying all transactions since the inception of your business. So that isn’t your problem.

The problem lies in the fact that your screen shots don’t match your explanation. When you were viewing sales invoice #165 and clicked Receive money, you would have seen the screen that let you select the account to receive it in. But the next screen, the edit screen for receiving money, would have shown the account as Accounts receivable, with the customers name and a third field for the invoice number. The shot you show has the receipt assigned to what looks to be a non-inventory item, Admin. So in fact, that receipt is acting like a cash sale of something completely different. It is not in any way connected to invoice 165.

If that receipt is still in your records, delete it. Go back to the invoice, receive money, and leave the account allocation as it comes up.

What a dummy I am you are so correct. done I have been using manager for a couple of years now why did I make such a stupid mistake. Sorry :confounded: