Received money still unpaid

OSX 10.11
Manager 18.1.88

Updated as I thought this newer version would solve my issue.

I have a Sales Invoice from 07/10/2016
Click VIEW - RECEIVE MONEY - New Bank Transaction
Enter the date the Invoice was paid 07/10/2016
Selected my bank account / Status Cleared 07/10/2016
Account = Accounts receivable / client / Invoice #
Still Overdue

Go view Sales Invoices, says OVERDUE (502 days overdue)
Go view Bank Transactions says CLEARED

What do I need to do so that I can Input received money so it shows paid in full when viewing in the Sales Invoices tab and that when it is cleared that the amount does not become part of my current income for the last BAS quarter?

Thanks in advance.

can you post screenshots of both sales invoice and receipt in the edit screen?
you can hide unnecessary details.

also, what is the Start Date of your business set under Settings?

I suspect the start date is set after the transaction date.