Payments from customer and or to supplier

Hello, i am not sure if there is any way to do it. I already checked old postings but could not find any information. The issue is the following (for example)

Customer A pay to us 10’000 EUR, this amount is for several Invoices. So at moment i open the invoice, then receive money, for example 2’500 EUR, then other Invoice and receive 500 EUR, then the other one and so on. This is very time consuming.

My question now is, if there is a way i just can book like receive then total amount and in this window or so, i choose the different Invoices? Same apply also for payment to supplier

thanks for support

Just make booking from cash account instead of sale (purchases) invoices. Then you will be able to allocate one payment to whatever amount of invoices you need.

Hi, thanks for info but this is not exactly what i am looking for. This also to much manual work and mistake happens easy. I would need something where i can choose the Invoices for the total payment

Are you want to do it like clicking several invoices and then click pay? If so - this can not be done in Manager. It is either click receive cash for each invoice, or click receive cash and select invoices where to allocate.

However if you do not care about allocation of payment between invoices you can just receive payment (or make payment) against customer name, in this case whole amount will be automatically allocated to oldest invoices.

Go to Receive Money, for the Account enter Accounts Receivable, select the Customer and enter the full amount (10,000). Manager will allocate funds to the oldest invoice first, then the next oldest until the funds are exhausted.

You will note that an Invoice field will appear but with the word optional, so just ignore.

dear all, thanks, i will try different options and find out which is best for me

thanks again, Dietmar