Receiving Money from Customer

I have a sales Invoice and I click on the Receive Money. I fill it in (It’s a deposit at this stage). I then hit Create but the money doesn’t appear in my Bank Account listing.What am I doing wrong?

Normally bank account is selected automatically if you have just one but you probably have more than one bank/cash account.

So make sure to select into which bank account you have received the money. If you leave the field empty, it will go to Suspense account.

Now this is OK from accounting point of view, I just need to make it more obvious to users that there are some transactions in Suspense which require attention.

And should that apply to imported bank statements that have no account assigned to them yet?

Ah! Sussed it. You have to drop down the “Received in” Combobox. When I look in the account, it has nothing in the description. Can this be filled in from the description in the original quote?