Receive Money and Spend Money

Could you change the program so that if you only have one bank account, when you click on spend money or receive money it goes straight to that bank account. At the moment I have to select the drop down and then select the only bank account listed. So its kind of redundant to have a drop down list if there is only item in the list!

Where exactly are you clicking Spend money or Receive money button? There are a few places in the program with these buttons and some of them will auto-fill bank account name.

In sales Invoice - Receive Money and in Purchase Invoice - Spend Money.

I still think it’s important to show where you are receiving money. Just on the basis when editing the transaction, you see the same fields as when you are creating it. So the drop-down list will probably stay.

But it could probably automatically pre-select the bank account if you have just one. It’s not something I’m going to add right now as I want to extend capabilities of this button first. For example, when Spending money, you could also select expense claim payer in case purchase invoice is being paid using personal funds (rather than business bank account).


@lubos sir, I have noticed that you have created customs field for Receive money and Spend money. Am asking for the ability to “Show custom field as a column” for them as well. I have created a custom field called “Instrument #” where I enter Cheque numbers and other instrument numbers. Having the ability to show it as a column will help me locate transactions by just scrolling and looking. In my country where most digital bank statement don’t come in the format importable by Manager and most Accounting Apps this ability will help me a lot in my Manual Bank reconciliation where I depend on cheque numbers for locating and correcting errors especially where there are similar transactions in the mix. The Reference # field is useful but this will serve as a cross check.

I hope this request will be granted thank you

I can’t receive money, as the bank account is not shown in the drop menu. All other accounts are shown in the drop menu but not the bank account. For example, it should account receivable, fixed assets etc under assets groups but no bank account.

Please advise.

Thanking you in advance.


Can we assume you have set up the bank account under Cash Accounts tab? If so, please provide more information. Your post doesn’t include enough information to know in which tab you are encountering difficulty. Also, have you read appropriate Guides under the Cashbook category at