Receiving money from a customer for sales invoice

I am trying to receive money from customer on an invoice. In RECEIVED IN it defaults to suspense which is fine (it’s how I normally receipt monies for this customer, but it will not let me click next? Suspense is greyed out.

You need to create at least one bank account or cash account. So when you receive money from customer for sales invoice, sales invoice balance is decreased and your bank account is increased. You need to specify bank account or cash account that is to be increased as a result of customer paying an invoice.

You can create bank account under Bank Accounts tab.

I have always receipted to suspense until now. Has this changed? I don’t need to reconcile so have just reflected to suspense, but now cannot

Previously Manager allowed to receive money into Suspense account but since we’ve seen people actually do it, we needed to stop this practice because it is incorrect from accounting point of view.

You need to realize Manager really is an accounting system. The purpose of Manager is to maintain proper accounting records.

If you use Manager only as an invoice generator then I’m afraid Manager is not for you. There are many non-accounting software packages that only do invoicing.

Question is, why don’t you want to create bank account or cash account? Is it because your business doesn’t maintain bank account and you receive money straight into your pocket or personal bank account?

I have 2 businesses running, one which has a bank account and all accounting and invoicing done thru manager, and the other is freelance work where funds are just received into our personal account and tax paid on it. There is nothing underhanded, this is how our accountant has suggested we do it. I merely was conducting the system in a certain manner and without notice, it changed during the latest update.

If the amount received does not go into a bank account then create a cash account and receive the money into the cash account. If the suspense account is not used for cash received then you will be able to determine if you omitted a step in generating sale or payment transactions. If suspense shows a balance then some transaction has been posted incorrectly.

Selecting the suspense account will show all incorrectly created transactions and allows you to fix them easily.

I don’t really like the idea of cash accounts because they still show on your balance sheet as assets.

If you receive money into personal account, it’s basically drawings under equity. I will come with some mechanism to handle this so it’s correct from accounting point of view.