Receving money for invoice

Please advise how to now receipt from a sales invoice, as it is giving me nothing in the Received in drop down list.

So I am now so confused with
Bank Accounts
Bank Transactions
Cash Accounts
Cash Transactions

Try doing it from the Sales Invoice screen and see if that works?

There is nothing in the drop down “Received In” to choose from

Not sure what to suggest then, someone else may be able to help. I’m unable to test at the moment.

what version are you using? there were some bugs when this feature was implemented and has been resolved.
maybe you can elaborate more on the issue you are facing.
are you trying to receive money from the Bank Transactions page or from Sales Invoices?

Ok I have now receipted the sales invoice as a Bank Transaction as they did a EFT into the bank account, but it is not actually receipting on the sales invoice. It is still showing as owing

you did not answer my first question.

if you received from the Bank Transactions page, did you select the proper account and customer under their respective columns?

I was trying to receipt from the sales invoice page. When I do, the money shows as receipted in the bank account but it does not go off the sales invoice. So the sales invoice is still showing as sales invoice is outstanding

I am on the same version 17.9.8 and I cannot replicate your issue. everything is working as it should. i am not sure what you are doing wrong.
can you post a screenshot of the transaction edit page for the invoice? you can hide private data.
also the sales invoice summary page.

This is the screen shot of the receipt of the sales invoice in bank account

This is the same sales invoice 734 that is still showing as not been receipted

Do you have any other invoices for the same customer which were due?
Also, i had asked for the edit screen screenshot of the receipt, not its summary.
anyway, if you had any previous outstanding for that customer, the payment will be applied to the oldest invoice. if you want to allocate the payment to a particular invoice, you should select the invoice number under its respective column when receiving the payment.

It seems like you haven’t selected a bank account when you have created New Bank Transaction.

This needs to be made more obvious for if you select bank account, it will work.

i thought @Mercia just hid the bank account.
how can a user proceed with receiving the payment without selecting a Bank or Cash account?

It was actually always possible. Those transactions wouldn’t show anywhere… now that there is Bank Transactions tab, there is a place to show them even if bank account wasn’t selected.

It’s the same case as creating an invoice without selecting customer. Invoice can be still created but it will be obvious it’s just an empty row. It’s not that obvious under Bank Transactions tab as “account” is shown even though it shouldn’t.

now that gives more clarity. i had never tried it and now i have. So i am sure @Mercia got the answer now.