Backdated 'receive money' not being appied to invoices

I have transferred some old invoices over from another system so I have backdated them to September 2019. I am entering "receive money” against these invoices back when they were paid last year. The receipt is being accepted (which is annoying as it shouldn’t accept if it doesn’t apply) however the payment is not being applied to the invoice and it is still showing as outstanding ?

Which version of Manager are you using? I think “Receive Money” changed to “New Receipt” before I started using Manager more than a year ago. Before doing anything else I would update to the latest version.

It would be helpful to see screenshots showing us your process. Show us the edit screens for these invoices and the payments you’re entering against them.

Have you successfully allocated payments against other invoices?

If you transferred from another accounting system, then have you set a starting date?

Why did you enter old invoices, if they were paid in full last year?

I entered older invoices for reporting purposes only…so that I have the full financial year of transactions. There a very few so it isn’t a time consuming excercise… but if I cannot apply payments then I can’t use Manager :frowning:

I have the latest version of Manager and yes payments have been fine from about Dec onwards.

I’m not sure how to upload screenshots…I’ll try to work it out and get back to you…thanks for your response

If you want last year’s transactions so that you can do comparison reporting, you will need to set your start date to last year’s start date and enter all of last year’s transactions.

You would set starting balances for previous year starting balance rather than this year’s starting balance

Yes thank you Joe changing the start date to 1 July 2019 worked!!!

Really appreciate your assistance