Receive money option for cash account should not show

I only have 1 bank account enabled on my business. So when I click receive money it gives me option for Bank or cash account. Should Manager not know that if I don’t have cash account enabled, I should not have the option? With the new update of the 2 different bank and cash accounts and processing manual transactions, should this account be a cash account?

what version are you using?
if you are not using cash accounts, have you disabled the Cash Accounts tab from Customize option and clicked the Update button?
is the Cash Accounts tab still visible on the left-hand module?

Where is this showing ?
In a business that only has a bank account (no cash account), it is only showing the bank account.

Yes. The business doesn’t have cash account enabled at all.

If the business only has a bank account and no cash account then you should see this
0000000 Bug 2

If the business has a bank account with the Cash Account tab activated but with no account then this
0000000 Bug 2a

But once a Cash account has been created then you will see this
0000000 Bug 3

If you are getting a display which is different to these, then please post a screenshot.


Yes so when you open an invoice and receive money you get both option even though you don’t have cash account even enabled.

Ok, but in your initial post you generically stated “So when I click receive money it gives me option for Bank or cash account”, you didn’t stipulate that it was from the Sales Invoice - Receive Money.

Even when you were asked the direct question “Where is this showing ?”, you didn’t provide that clarification.

This is showing on receive money when on Sales invoice. I’m thinking now with the change if I enable Cash account if this Bank Account will move to cash account as we only did manual processing on this account always, but can’t remember if we selected the electronic import function when we created this account on old version.

Edit: No if I add Cash account and Transactions it still the same.

@durkpotgieter it will be implemented so the only applicable options will show

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