Cash Account not found


I was receiving money and spending money. All was fine. Yester I have updated the software and today I am unable to spend money and receive money in any sales invoice.

here are some screenshots. Plz help in this regard.

You need to click Customize at the bottom of the list of tabs. Then put a check-mark next to Cash Transactions, and then click Update at the bottom of the screen.

From now on use the Cash Transactions tab to spend and receive money. Or when you are viewing a Sales Invoice you can click the Receive money button and select New Cash Transaction.

Check SIgn on Cash Ac is already on.

I did not say Cash Accounts. Put a check-mark next to Cash Transactions.

The latest version of Manager is 17.9.9. Make sure you are up to date.

The last Cloud version is 17.9.7

Cloud version will only update if it is not used for a minimum of 20 minutes. the versions are always the same across all editions.

I think my issue is resolved a little bit.
Basically I have to receive some remaining balance in a previous sales invoice. When I was trying to receive money in cash account. There was not found any cash account.

Now I opened that sale invoice, clicked on view, then there was a dropdown in receive money.
I selected new cash transaction and there I was able to select cash account.

Thanks all.