Receive money not generating paid stamped invoice


Up until recently if I received money to close out an invoice it marked the invoice paid and I could email it back to them for their records.

Recently (and I’m up to date on versions) if I receive money against an invoice it doesn’t do that.

I thought it was me, and repeated the process a couple of times trying different things - putting a count in items, trying tax drop downs thinking it was missing something and not warning me.

Turns out it was showing in the bank account screen but still not generating a paid invoice. So now I have a bit of a mess to clean up in the bank account screen.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong in the receive money screen would be very helpful.



Update again. The feature was recently restored.

Hi Tut and Dave,

I had the very same issues, updated then also as Tut said in Nov’16 and back to the same thing: as described by Dave above.

any ideas?

Only the default theme, with no colored background bars, includes the Paid in Full and Overdue stamps. Are you using a different theme? And are you sure you applied the receipt to the correct invoice? Describe how you are entering the receipt.

Sorry for the delay. Been away at competitions for past 3 weeks.

Worked out the difference between it working and not working. If I select the Account as “Income - Advertising” on the Receipt Screen, it credits the bank account page but doesn’t stamp the invoice.

If I just leave it at the default Accounts Receivable that appears at the top of the drop down it - which I don’t want to do as some income relates to website income, others is sales etc. - it marks it paid and I can email it back to the person for their records.

Updated tonight before trying this again and that’s the result.



If you select that account on the Receive Money screen then you are processing a “Cash Sale”, you are not receipting against a Sales Invoice.

Have you raised Sales Invoices, if yes, then the Sales Invoice processes to the income accounts.
If you process the Receive Money to the Income account then you will be duplicating the income and the Invoice remains unpaid.

Step 1 - Create Sales Invoice and the Account is the appropriate Income account.
Step 2 - Receive Money to Accounts Receivable - Customer and the Invoice is paid with stamp

Have definitely raised sales invoices. Some of them are scheduled to be created every month even. Processing them doesn’t allocate the amount to Web advertising. If I understand correctly I have to pre-allocate it when the sales invoice is created. I can see where I do that. If I receive money after they pay will it generate a paid stamp?

If you are using the default theme for the Sales Invoices.
If you are using one of the other themes, then no paid stamp will appear as I understand it.