Receipt entry

Can you advise me how will enter the Receipt of the payments received from a customer against the invoice number invoiced to the customer? If it is the partial amount by cheque or cash how it will enter in the manager.

Read the Guide on how to record a receipt.

Where to enter the amount for the partial amount received against a sales invoice.
Asking qty unit price amount and Tax.
The amount is auto-filled cannot be entered or edited.

hope fully it is need like this but manger asks item description qty etc… like a invoice entry.


What version are you using?

how to edit the amount filed it is automatically in build needs to enter the quantity and unit price .
it is not needed for the receipt entry even partial or full. just allocation needed against the sales invoice number.
There is not active amount field for it.

manager wants all sales history to be entered. instead of simply entering the invoice number and amount.

i don’t know which version i am using. have installed couple of weeks ago a new fresh install on the mac system.


It is the grey number at the bottom of any Manager screen. You may need to scroll down to see it. The reason I ask is that your second screen shot does not include the correct fields for a receipt. See the Guide:

second screen shot i made my self as per the under standing and readings of the guide.
but there is no active amount entry field in the current receipt entry scree. it has only in buit amount field which auto calculate the amount based on the unit price and qty.

You should have said that. You cannot get help if you do not tell us what we are seeing. To change the amount, just edit the unit price field. The program works this way on every transaction type.

why need to edit unit price and other details for the receipt entry. for a partial paid amount how these parameters will match.


making easier tasks more complex and confusing.

Because, if you do not, your partial receipt will not be entered. You also seem to be overlooking the New Receipt button visible when viewing an invoice. That button will automatically fill the entire receipt for you. Then, if you have only a partial receipt, you only have to edit one field.

waht field is it. guide how to enter partial invoice .

i have a invoice with 10 qty items unit price 12…00 total invoiced amount is = 120.00

customer gave. 65.00 partial amount. let me know ho will divide to unit and price fora receipt entry

No one. You don’t have to. After selecting Accounts receivable, the Customer name, and the Invoice #, just put the amount received into the Unit price field. You are entering the receipt against the sales invoice, not recording sale of goods. That was done on the sales invoice.

Thanks for your support
Entering the receipt amount ind unit price instead of the amount field i don’t feel it professional way of accounting. received amount and until price is different aspects ins sales and accounting.

You didn’t understand. Unless you are entering some goods in the inventory it’s not necessary to put unit price and quantity but you can enter directly the amount. Read the guides and you’ll find everything.

This s the first software i used asking unit price qty details for recording a Receipt entry.
Instead updating the mistakes diverting to the inventory and other things.
even inventory or non inventory receipts as entering against invoice amount not against item by item like sales invoice.


That’s because it’s an accounting software that manage also inventory.