Entering receipts against sales invoices

Can anybody help me with adding payments to customer invoices, that have been paid cash and true the bank?
I look for it in the manager user guide book, and can’t find any explanation of that topic.

Why I don’t see this in my software.

I am trying for 3 days already to enter payments for my cutomers invoices, and don’t see the payment option anywhere. Do I have to install al the earlier desktop versions, to get the customer invoice payment option?

Is their any one wo can help me out?

Just click on the amount (blue color) in the column [Balance due].

Two of your invoices already show overpaid. This means that you did assign payments to them otherwise it would not show.

It also seems that you are just testing the system because the customer is named Aaa and the amounts for an invoice are insignificant. Therefore I would advise to be more patient, check the forum and guides before being pushy for help, just friendly advise there!

Any invoice view screen will show the following:

Screenshot 2022-10-11 at 21.17.26

So just click on New Receipt and enter the information. The invoice will then be cleared similar to the screenshot you showed.

@Iza, your post was moved to a new topic. It was not related to the one where you originally posted it. Topic diversions hinder everyone and reduce your chance of getting answers.

Where did you get the screen shot you posted? No screen in Manager looks like that. I think you must have added something to a screen shot.

As for how to record receipts, read the Guide: Record a receipt | Manager.

Sorry but the screenshot I showed is from someone else, I just use it to illustrate that I don’t see that same window with the same options in my software. that’s why I ask if I have to download also the old versions, so I get the hole futures. I don’t have invoice payment options. So, I cannot clear outstanding balances.

I can report a receipt. What the program doesn’t allow me to do is, enter the customer payment. I am missing options. (Payment entering options) So I think my download is not compleet???

That screen shot provided by someone else is a fake. Ignore it. You won’t find its features anywhere because they don’t exist.

A customer’s payment is a receipt to you. Obviously you have not read the Guide I linked. You would have your answer.

Hy Eko.

No. it is a misunderstanding. That screenshot is from another user I copy from the Forum just for illustration.

I am stuck, I cannot work, and the system fails. I need the option in red in the picture. My software doesn’t show it up.


@Iza, I don’t know how many way I can tell you this. No matter where you copied it from, it does not represent a real screen in Manager. Probably, someone else mocked up a display as part of a request.

You are not stuck. You can do your work. The system does not fail. And you do not need the option in red in the picture. Your software will never show it because it does not exist.

@eko already showed you where the button actually is in post #4. You see it when viewing an invoice, not when looking at a drill-down from the Customers tab.

Thank you very much eko. I did it. I read and follow your instructions today again, and I finally could do it. And it did good. But i have one question I don’t understands from the manual, and you don’t mention it. I used to work with Quickbook, and you never have to enter the invoice items on the payment receipt. but when I click on New Receipt in the Invoice, as you tell me, I can see everything from the original Sale invoice again. I don’t enter the item number, and the transaction seem to clear O.K. Now just for me to know, so i can do it correct. I have 2 questions. Can you help me with the answers? 1. Do I have to enter also the item number again in the New Receipt Window, when I am entering the customer payment? 2. Do I have to enter the - sing before the item number, or the amount being paid by the customer.? Sorry but I am New to this software, and I really don’t see this topic mentioned in the user Guide.
Hoping you will reply to me, so I can clear my confusions. Thank you in advance.

When you enter a receipt against a sales invoice, you do not list all the items again. That would result in doubling the sale. From an accounting perspective, you sold the items when you raised the sales invoice. The receipt settles the amount due from the customer under Accounts receivable. So the line item on the receipt selects Accounts receivable, then the customer’s name, then the sales invoice number.

If that is what you see, you have not done what you described, or else you did something else incorrectly.

That is a direct contradiction of your previous sentence.

What do you mean by “- sing”? I think you made a typing error.

Maby, I don’t explain what I mean right. Inglish is not my native language. I learn to speak and write it at school. My native language is Papiamentu. Sorry. I mean this is the payment Receipt I get. Is it O.K. and do I do it correct?
And when I open up from Invoice and select new Receipt, this is what I get.

This I mean, do I have to change anything here? Doe I have to enter an item number, and fill - 318.00 at the amount line?

When I am in the New Receipt window from the invoice itself. I get this prefilled. That is the correct way, the software does, this. I ask, because I have never seen it before, so i just want to make sure, that it is the correct way. So, it will not twice my income later on, on the profit & Loss report without me notice or knowing it.???

Help me get this right pls.

This is the Invoice before I apply that payment, like i understand I have to do it. This is a little bit complicated to me. I need to get this, so, I can go on with my work.

Another question I have about received payments is that, in QuickBooks, when I enter payments receive from customers that pay directly true online banking, after that the payments reflects in the Bank statement, and it adjust that bank account statement balance. Why doesn’t this occur here? I enter the payment for 20-1-2021 and i didn’t see it in the bank transactions list when I open this. Where does the payment go? If I select that account, I suppose it has to be seen, in the transactions, and it have to adjust the balance?

Where or how can I see, this payment in the specified Bank account?

Based on what you have now shown, you are doing things correctly for the receipt against the sales invoice. However, your final screenshot does not show the sales invoice before applying the receipt; it shows the invoice after applying the receipt.

For your last screenshot you show Journal Entries. Many of your questions would be answered if you took the time to read the guides or search the forum and you would have found for example.