How to receive Partial Payment from customers?

Could any one tell me how can we take partial payment from customers? For example: Total bill of sales invoice is 50 $, customer pays 25 $ and rest on some other day. How could I manage it?

The same way you would receive full payment. Instead of $50, you would record receipt of $25.

Thanks lubos for reply. But when I hit receive money tab, I do not find any portion to enter money or you want to say, I need to issue invoice of 25$ or what?

I got it. Thanks lubos

That is totally logical but where do you enter the part payment. Once you click receive payment you are presented with a receipt function, I choose the ‘cash at bank’ option and I can then see the receipt but the amount is not editable. If I add a line with the amount received manager adds it to the invoice rather than subtracting it. Obviously i am doing something wrong … but what?

You enter the amount in the “unit price” field, this will then update the “amount” field

See this guide:

Thank you.
That’s not exactly intuitive but it works.

It may not appear to be intuitive, but that is the “standard” input format though out Manager.
Cash Received is also used for cash sales of inventory so then the unit price is required.