Receipt is not getting the invoice data

I got this invoice and I have received Money.

I CLICK on Receive money “new cash trans” and I got this - see below :
So my question is : why I have to reEnter the ITEM name and the PRICE - because the discount I applied in the invoice was not reflected in the receipt -

The Item field in the Receipt form is for Cash Sales of Inventory, not the receipting for Invoice payments.

So for receipting invoice payments ignore the item field and just enter Accounts Receivable + Customer + Invoice (which is optional), ignore QTY and enter the payment amount under Unit.

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The key to understanding receipts against sales invoices is that you are not selling the inventory item. That was already done by the sales invoice. You are recording payment against an Accounts receivable balance. When a receipt is generated from the sales invoice the way you are doing it (which is entirely correct), the Unit price field is prepopulated with the full amount of the sales invoice. You can edit the number, but should do so only if a partial payment is being made. The number is only connected to the price of an inventory item in the sense that the inventory item’s price was used to generate the total amount of the invoice. At this stage of accounting, Manager doesn’t care about inventory items or their prices.

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