Re-Install every time I closed/open the program

I downloaded and installed program to my mac, but every time i close (finish a day) and reopen, I have re-install the program. It remembers what i did, but for some reason i keep getting the ‘?’ where the Manager Icon use to be. What am i doing wrong?

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You did not specify which icon you are referring to. But I suspect you are referring to an alias on your desktop and not the actual application icon. So what probably happened is that you deleted the application but left the alias icon in place. The operating system doesn’t know what the alias is pointing to.

You also don’t say whether you were trying to do a clean reinstallation or an update. When updating on a Mac, all you have to do is drag the Manager icon to the Applications folder. You don’t have to uninstall first. You are given a choice whether to replace the older version or keep both. If you replace, the old icon on your desktop should work, because it still points to an application with the same name in the same folder. Let me know if that works.

By the way, what version of OS X?

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When I first used manager I had exactly the same thing. What I found out I needed to do was drag the icon out of the install dmg file into applications and its now available under Launchpad.

Hi Tut

Thank you for your speedy reply. I am currently running Max OS x 10.9.5

I downloaded the program (BTW, its amazing!!! Complements to the team)
I installed the program. Dragged the ‘M’ red Icon into my applications,
and deleted/ejected the White drive (almost the same looking as when i
plug a USB in). I then made an alias for my dock.

Once i browsed around, I did a backup and closed.
The next day i only had a ‘?’ in my doc. I went back into my application,
found the ‘M’ and made a new alias for my dock. (after removing the “?”)

I guess re-installing would be the wrong term, but its a mission to keep
finding the program in my applications instead of it staying as an alias
in my doc. How do i get the alias to stay in my doc?

I also wanted to make a suggestion (if I may)
Under the Business Info, cant we do a banking detail & Terms and
Conditions section as well? All the business info in one place. :slight_smile:

Thank you for an amazing program. its really great and easy to use. :slight_smile:

What you described should work. I just tried it and it worked for me. But try this instead:

Open the program. While it is open, click on its icon in the dock, go up to Options, and select Keep in Dock. Supposedly, that’s nothing more than creating an alias (without the arrow symbol), but see if it makes a difference.

You can put info into the Business Identifier field under Business Details. As for terms, put them in Notes field of a sales invoice and click on the blue set default link. Whatever you’ve written will appear on future sales invoices (not past ones). You can always edit an invoice to delete or modify the terms. Or you can add additional notes you want the customer to see.

BTW, I’m not on the development staff. Just a user.

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Thank you Tut. Your awesome! Sorry if i sent yesterdays reply 3 times. Finger trouble! Ha ha your advice is much appreciated.