Installation failure

Hi, I downloaded Manager before and for some reason it disappeared from my computer. I tried to re-install it, but it fails to open. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks

You haven’t provided any information with regards to your type of computer system, or what edition of Manager are you using.

Also, have you searched the Forum for similar topics which may relate to your computer system.

I’m using OS X 10.9.5. I wouldn’t know the edition of Manager, I tried to download it, but it doesn’t open. It is just an icon on my desktop.

Have you read this Guide

I have red it, when I click on Manager in the folder to deposit into the application folder, it just bounces. nothing happens other than the download folder closes.

If you did what you wrote, you did not follow the instructions. You do not click on the Manager icon to install it, you drag the icon to the Applications folder.

I suggest that you read the instructions in the Guide again and follow them to the letter.

True, but clicking on it to drag made it bounced. I ejected the icon on desktop and downloaded again. Now it worked and even the business name appeared again. Don’t know what happened… Anyway, thanks for your help, I can get started now :slight_smile:

That is because the business name and all data are stored in a separate data file from the program itself. The updated version calls the same file.