Application deleted by OS X update

When a ran an regular OS X update, the application icon vanished from the dock, and the application itself is gone from the application folder. Every attempt to find it comes up with nothing.

What’s up with this? I’m hoping to move my company’s bookkeeping over to this but I’ve never encountered this kind of problem before.

Runnings OS X El Capitan, 10.11.6

I am too running OS X El Capitan, 10.11.6 (in fact a few minutes ago I installed the latest security update) and never had problem like this, not only with Manager but with any app or file.

Maybe a user accidentally deleted the app?

What about Time Machine. Is it on?

I have also been through several OS X updates, including the latest mentioned by @ntrim without difficulty. I suspect you accidentally dropped the updated application icon into the wrong folder. If you dropped it into Applications as you are supposed to, you would have been told another copy already existed and been given the chance to keep both or replace. Did that happen? If not, you definitely put it somewhere else. Search your drive for it and drag it over to Applications.

In the worst case, you might have to re-download the application. But updates do not touch your data. Once you have a functioning copy of Manager in your applications folder, look under About Manager to see the location of your data and import your file from there.

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Mostly right. Turns out I never dragged it into the application folder to begin, just ran it locally. The system restart that accompanies the OS update naturally closed that drive. Problem solved. Now I just feel stupid.

Thanks for the help Tut.

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