Opening Manager on a Mac?

I hope I’m not repeating a topic, didn’t see anything on here, and I did a search.

I downloaded the (free) desktop edition of Manager onto my Mac back in Sept. I really like it. Every time I shutdown my Mac, I have to go back into my download manager and click on the Manager icon download to be able to get Manager icon on desktop to open (it’s a white disk). Then I click that and the red M logo is there for me to open and get into my accounts. My accounts have never been erased when I have to shut down my Mac, or if power surge and it shuts down itself…knock on wood!

Is this normal. Is there a way to keep the “white disk” icon on my desktop always so I can quickly access Manager…better yet, The “red M” on the desktop makes it even faster. When I’m finished with my accounting, I always “quit” out of Manager and it close down (don’t like keeping my books open)…I can deal with that, it’s just when Mac is shutdown, I always have to go into my download manager to retrieve the program…this is the only program I have to do this to.

Am I doing something wrong to cause this. As I said, I downloaded the desktop version.

Thanks for any help!

Do you know how to install programs on Mac OS X?

Have a look at:

Just tried installing like that too…does the same thing, vanishes from desk top after I shut down Mac. I’ve installed other programs and apps to my Mac, never had that problem before…weird.

Manager contains no code that would instruct to self-delete itself so this issue must be caused by something else.

Try to copy Manager somewhere else (not on desktop) to see if it disappears again.