Quote No & Order No in Sales Tax Invoices


I have recently upgraded manager.io version to the latest release i.e.,, my old version had quote number and order number fields in Sales Tax Invoices but these fields are missing at new version.

Any Idea form where to enable these fields?

Show the edit screen of an invoice where these fields are not present because they should be there next to the customer selection field.

If you are referring to the order field in which you could enter data manually, it’s no longer available. Please search the forum as there are already several discussions about it.

I guess my screen not showing both of these fields which are available at your part, is there any option available to enable the same?

They are not present because you haven’t selected a customer!

Customer selected but fields still missing

Do you have any Sales Quotes/Sales Orders issued for Test customer?

This is the screenshot of one of my old invoices which shows fields of Quote Number & Order number, while creating new invoice for the same customer doesn’t show these fields.

I my test server v23.5.8.822 that’s not necessary. I just created a new TEST customer and the edit screens show as follows before and after selecting that newly created customer:


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Strange, is there any settings missing from my part?

Do you have Sales Quotes or Sales Orders tabs enabled?

That was disabled, i have enabled them now.

nope, issue remains same, enabling them did not work further i’m also using the same Linux Version as described by eko

I did some further testing. In essence it is not a bug and has improved over previous instances. only when a quote and or order exists will these show when selecting customer. I am going to delete the bug post i made earlier.

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You need to have created a quote and or order for that customer before it will show to be selected for that customer. It works as it should. IN essence the previous versions erroneously would show the possibility to select a non existing quote and or order.

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thank you, let me look into it then i’ll get back to you.

I guess @withmajid you want to add external Quote/Order references from outside Manager, right?

In this case you have 2 options:

  1. Enter these additional references in the Description field
  2. Create custom field to store your external references following this guide: Use custom fields | Manager