Edit column - "custom field"?


‘Order number’ as pictured does not appear in the edit column of the main sales invoices page, thus unable to choose it to show as a column.

Can anyone help advise how to bring into the edit columns option, to enable adding it?

Some background info
I dont recall but there was many changes in the past on manager perhaps about 18 months ago, where the ‘order number’ field was automatically available, then not available, then we needed to code it in on the custom field, etc etc.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Q.Pods

Please share the edit screen of the custom field in question

Shared it as an image in the original post. Thanks.


You did not show any Edit screen. You showed a View screen of a sales invoice and an Edit Columns selection menu for an unspecified transaction type, possibly sales invoices.

Ok so what is required that I show to get some help?

It is the sales invoices tab. At the bottom of the screen there is the options to choose from, one of which is EDIT COLUMNS. The image is of that Sales invoices edit columns.

The invoice has a ‘order number’. The edit columns does not include the ‘order number’ for me to TICK to have as a column on the sales invoices tab.

I hope that my query is clearer now?

Sales order is the one you may looking for

If not, if it is a Custom Fields you need to provide more details of how the Custom Field was created and placed

They asked you to show an edit screen of the invoice not the view screen. So click on Edit not View and make a complete screenshot:

Screenshot 2023-05-26 at 06.13.48

I was going to check whether you checked show custom field as a column and I avoided to include a guess so that this topic doesn’t get argumentative, but as it turned out it was going to go there anyways.

Please provide the required information as requested because that is the quickest way to get your problem solved.

Tried Sales order, doesnt work, its not a custom field, its an order number but from the themes in the older version maybe, when themes was still available?

Ok sorry, understood. Screenshot below. Thanks.

Sorry definitely not trying to be argumentative at all.

So I realised that the custom fields are included in the edit columns options. However the ‘Order number’ which is not a custom field, but possibly part of the blue theme that was already in existence on manager, is not an option to tick on the edit columns? :man_shrugging:

The use of the field Order Number was replaced by using Sale Orders sometime back

If you do not want to use the tab Sales Orders then you must create and use a custom field

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Because all existing invoices already have the order number it wouldve been ideal to be able to somehow enable that on the edit column. Yes now I remember that at some point the order number was replaced with the sales order.

I guess I have to live with the work around and create ‘order number’ as a custom field and begin recording the order numbers there.

Thanks for the help

Where is Edit columns in Manager.IO

have you looked at the screen?

Look at the bottom of any tab listing.