Order number has disappeared from Sales Invoice - Edit screen

This is how it normally looks.

Order number box has disappeared from screen.

Since the introduction of Order number field where you actually select sales order, the free text Order number has been obsolete.

In the latest version, the field is visible only on invoices where there was something previously entered. But I really want to discourage use of this free text field for new invoices. I mean there are two Order number fields which is rather confusing.

Any reason you can’t use proper linking between your sales invoice and sales order using the new Order number field which is next to the Customer field?

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We weren’t using sales orders… but we can start.
Doing a few sales orders to sales invoices just now and the customer specific default due date is not carrying through?
Can you add an address column so that when searching sales orders we can search by address? (I know this can be done by adding a custom field and then adding the column but it is an extra step of copy/pasting the address into the custom field each time.)

If you are not using sales orders, why do you care that the leftover—and now redundant—Order number field has been eliminated? If you are not using sales orders, there is no reason you need to begin doing so. And if you want to start using them, selecting from the list of sales orders associated with the customer you have chosen is far more useful than entering free text.

If you are copying sales orders to sales invoices, the data from the sales order is what will carry forward, on the presumption that you intend to use that information. Due dates are not part of sales orders. Default due dates are limited to sales invoices created from scratch, where the date is taken from characteristics of the customer, not any other transaction from which a sales invoice might be copied.

We were using the Order number field for our customer’s order number. It has worked very well for us for many years. (Some of our customers use order numbers, some don’t.)The change has disallowed this and forced us to use Sales Orders in order to display their order number on the invoice.
The way we were using the program was the most efficient way for the way we work. We now have the extra step of the sales order and have to add in the invoice due date which is different for different customers, domestic, commercial etc.

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You need to use a custom field for that.
Manager’s approach is to only have standard predefined fields for data need by the program. A customer order number is controlled by the customers procedures, not Manager.

As @Patch says, Sales Orders tab is optional. You can create custom field on sales invoice instead.

The only issue is that custom field will be visible at the end of the invoice rather than at the top. But custom fields will be getting some improvements so it won’t require custom coding to reposition them on printed documents.

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Using a custom field and having it show at the end of the invoice is not showing the customer’s order number in a logical place which would be with the other relevant fields like quote number, invoice number etc which are are at the top.

@sparky the latest version (22.6.9) is adding ability to move custom field to the top of invoice.



We are using the field next to the customer field for our quotation number but the other field we use for the reference number of the client order.

This is really needed for our business

Thank you. Will try it out tomorrow.

You can either use the description field to hold any external references or create a custom field for that.

To correct for previously entered data, you can use batch update.

with out being able to put a order number in on the system and and all these changes with out informing clients believe it is time to changes invoicing software as becoming very pan fill having to explain to client that our invoicing system keeps changing

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@gareth, why do you think you cannot enter order numbers? This very topic includes information on how to do so. The only thing eliminated was a redundant field left over from a less capable implementation.

Please, this is a bad and frustrating change. We have used the order number free text field for over 4 years, because it was available. Removing this just breaks our reporting consistency. I just logged on to complain about this too when I noticed others already mentioned it here. There’s nothing won by removing a field you consider obsolete if it frustrates many users who have relied on that field. Can you please bring it back?

@Lubos why don’t you add this back as an optional field to be enabled by ticking a button in this area? As a paying customer it is not nice to have the system abruptly change and then be required to batch update several years of records.

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Change could be frustrating at times. I can relate to that, but…

Can you elaborate on this specific problem, namely:

  • What reports does this break?
  • How does the current setup fail to deliver on these reports?
  • Is it possible to “remold” old data to fit the current setup? If so, do you need the whole 4 years worth of data? My understanding is that orders once fulfilled are usually not relevant for decision making – they just sit there waiting for someone to audit them.

@whereskarlo, I ask you the same question I asked another forum member in post #15: Why do you think you have lost the ability to include sales order numbers on sales invoices? You have not. Sales orders have only been limited to those from the selected customer. But why would you want to include some other customer’s sales order? I doubt you would. So the only thing that has changed is that the possibility of errors has been reduced.

If you were using the free text sales order field for something else besides sales order numbers, you can continue your workflow using a custom field. You have not lost that flexibility. You only need to modify where you put custom information—into a custom field rather than a field designed for and used by the program for entirely different purposes (such as order status tracking).

I was about to edit the topic but would advise the moderators or @Lubos to do so. As it is now misleading as if no order number is present anymore. The only one removed is the redundant text one as it has as @Tut mentioned no relationship with a Sales Order and the related order number that would help with status tracking. As it was basically a text field this now can be replace for those wanting extra information with a custom field as explained.

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