Missing fields on Copy to invoice

The new manager seem to have removed the custom fields to enter quote and order numbers as it used to be in the old manager when one uses the copy to new invoice or copy to new sales order then copy to new invoice (see the snapshot attached).

These field used make it easier to enter the quote and order numbers manually unlike now where one can not do so.
Furthermore, the available fields for quote and order number in the new manager, one can not enter any information but the application automatically fills it in provided the customer name is not changed, otherwise, the quote and number gets removed once customer name is changed.

Because of this, I’m now just cloning the order invoices to create new ones which should contain this information.
I posted similar query few weeks back but it seems I could not frame my issue very well, hopefully I have now done it adequately.
Please assist on this matter.

This has been explained in detail in several recent forum topics. Search for “order”. I am closing this topic.