Quote layout when emailed

Hi all
my quote layout show as per pic , when emailed .
as it shows the heading overlaps the item section.
I have tried to find help by going FORUM but I don’t find an answer .
please helpQuote 299.pdf (28.0 KB)

This is a problem that has been mentioned before. There are known issues when emailing PDFs and improvements have been promised. You might explore the possibility of printing locally as a PDF, then emailing the resulting PDF as an attachment.

I also wonder if the problem might stem from your huge block of text in a single line item. How exactly did you get all those details into the quote? I have difficulty believing the sales quote form anticipated a single line item extending over multiple pages. Personally, I would never put such a detailed quote into an accounting record. I would create a standalone proposal and attach it to the quote. The actual quote would only reference the detailed job description.

Ithanks for the reply.
I have tried changing it to a pdf then emailing it but it won’t let me.
as for the layout, it suit my business for varies reasons…
before down loading the new upgrade version. (about 2 weeks ago ) my quote were sent without the overlap.

as for getting all the details into a quote .
I first work out my quote on a spread sheet then copy and past
Keep in mind that it work before there for that cant be the problem .

Oh, yes it can. The fact that this happened only after you upgraded only makes this more likely. As for converting to a PDF before emailing, the technique depends on your operating system. In Mac OS X, for example, that capability is built in and selectable in the print dialog box. In Windows, you may need a third-party conversion app, but there are several free ones available.