Pdf or email issue

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after update new version when send invoice for customer show printout in 2 pages also images change but take direct printout show correctly

pls chk in second attached copy of printout

Reduce size of logo and line spaces and arrange images in horizontal manner

Manager is not a what-you-see-is-what-you-get program. Printing is controlled by your operating system and printer drivers. PDFs are generated by an internal PDF generator. The PDF’s layout is controlled by your paper size selection under email settings. It looks like you have A4 selected. Printing layout is controlled by your printer driver, which looks to be USLetter.

The main issue, though is that you apparently have four images in one custom field, and those are handled differently by the different image generation software. The PDF stacks them vertically, so the invoice takes an additional page. And, because of its design, the PDF includes all the header information on the second page, only to find space for the green status stamp.

It is a poor idea to include more than one image in a custom field. You should instead use a custom theme with deliberate placement of the images.

combine your four images as a single image in any picture editing software and then insert that single image in your custom field.