Invoice formatting issue

I am using the cloud version and have a problem with the format of invoices. This is a new problem. The formatting appears ok when it’s ‘viewed’ on screen however it loses it format when sent via email or saved as a pdf.

This question is so common it was just discussed: Internal pdf generator Issue

Thanks. At least that explains it and I have an alternative solution. It’s a pity I can’t just click the pdf button in order to save the invoice in the correct format but at least I’ve a solution.

Thanks. Mark

Now that you hopefully understand why you cannot expect exact graphic reproduction between viewing methods, it might be worth exploring just what you think is less than satisfactory. You did not show an image of what you see on screen or when printing directly. I suspect you are concerned by how far to the left the vertical scribe line is and why the large space appears to the right of your business information. The answer probably lies in the content of your business details or business identifier fields. You may have invisible characters that are rendered differently by different engines.

To explore this, first make sure there are no extraneous extra spaces at the ends of lines. Next, make sure you have no HTML tags embedded in field content. (You can use HTML, but it will cause differences in rendering.) Then see what happens when deleting one line at a time.

Thanks very much. Yes, you are correct. All the information pushes to the left hand side of the page. Thanks for the suggestions also. I’ll try doing as you suggested also.

Thanks again. Mark