Problem with email / quote

Sorry need help. I send an email with a quote to customer on thursday. He came back to me that there is no “view pdf” sign. Checking my email confirmed this. It is still gone. I saved a copy of the quote to my computer (via print) and send this to the customer, which he couldn’t open either. When checking the email on Manager I also saw that the status column (viewed, not viewed) is gone. I had the version 15.6.31, today I downloaded the last version 15.6.61 and have still the same problem. What happened? Can somebody help me please? Thanks, Annette

There are acknowledged issues with PDF generation by Manager that @lubos says will be corrected. Meanwhile, try printing as PDF and separately sending the PDF file as an attachment. (This capability is built into some operating systems. For others, you need to have a separate PDF generator, but several free ones are available.)

Hi Tut, thanks for your reply. Sending the pdf as an attachment is exactly what I did. And normally this works fine, but this time also the attachment (not send via manager) couldn’t get opened. Strange so, because I can open it. I also tried to copy / past the whole quote into a word doc. but that didn’t work out with the layout (not really surprisingly). So Lubos is working on the issue, that’s great. Hope it doesn’t take too long.

I’ve had similar problems with PDFs in the past. Some won’t open in Adobe Reader, but will in Apple Preview or Adobe Acrobat. Also in other various combinations. Oh, for the days when a PDF was a PDF and nobody could change it.

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so true