Quotation page logo missing when e-mailing

On the quote page which has same logo as invoice page the logo does not show when the quote has been emailed or opened with a pdf program.
I have set this up on a mac book pro as well as a windows based pc and both have the same issue.
Is their a setting I am missing or is this a bug?

I cannot reproduced either problem. Please answer these questions:

  • What edition (desktop, server, or cloud) and version number are you using?
  • What is your logo format and what is its file size?
  • Are you using a custom theme?

Hi there, thanks for getting back to me.
The windows version is 22.7.19 and the version on my Mac Book Pro is 21.1.55
The logo is a png file 217kb at 512x512
Both editions are desktop
The theme is standard not custom

The strange thing is this was working before on the Mac Book Pro, I could send mail or export to pdf and the logo was always there.
Just recently the it has become an issue, hence the fact I setup on the windows machine as well to test, with the same result.
The other strange thing is the logo is also on the invoice page and that still works and shows when sending email or exporting to pdf.

Look forward to hearing back from you

Please show the complete edit screens (all of it) for the quote and the working invoice.

@ssgoldie, your macOS version is several hundred versions out of date. I cannot make any comment about how that obsolete software works or does not work.

Hi there, issue has been resolved, i removed the logo in settings and then added it again and now working fine. Strange but true.

Thanks for the assistance, one further question then does Manager not update itself automatically and if not where can I go to get updates?

Thanks again for your help


Install or update desktop edition on macOS

To answer the other portion of your question, the desktop and server editions do not update automatically. You are in control. The cloud edition updates automatically.

Thanks again for the help and info