Logo etc not working on invoices

Hiya - I’ve uploaded my business logo (black and white 200k TIFF 709 x 311 px), and the generated sales invoice looks wonderful and perfect in Manager, with the logo displaying correctly.

But when I emailled it to myself to test, the PDF came through fine, but the logo was missing from the top of the invoice PDF. Same thing when I printed them. I have ‘Send as online PDF’ turned off.

When I save and view the PDF (clicking on Save to a folder on my Mac, and then opening the file in Acrobat Pro XI) the whole top of the invoice is blank — there’s the ‘To’ text on the left, and a tall vertical hairline on the right. But all the client, invoice, date and my business info is missing, as well as the logo. The only information this Saved PDF retains is the Description and Invoiced items, plus the Sub-total, GST, and Total amounts.

I have tested it with the logo as a PDF and as a JPEG file, and a small TIFF (26 k) and have got the same errors. (I prefer to use TIFF or PDF, as they’re lossless and will print well.)

I’m running OS 10.10.4 on an iMac.

Any ideas?

Try PNG format. I use that, running the same version of Yosemite on my Mac with no problems. It prints fine. Plus, the invoice template limits the size of the logo, so resolution really isn’t an issue.

Actually, I’m amazed Manager accepted a TIFF file. I didn’t think it would.

Thanks Tut. Hmm, it’s certainly worked now for the emailled invoice (which is the main issue). So the PNG seems to work well there, thank you.

The locally saved version of the PDF is still broken, though, with only the word ‘To’ and a vertical hairline showing for the top half of the invoice. Screen shot attached …

The Save function is still a work in progress. It was only added to the program recently, and a global fix has been promised.

Meanwhile, if you want to save something as a PDF, use OS X’s built-in capability of “printing” to PDF rather than Manager’s Save to PDF.

Ah right, re the Save function. Yes, I was going to use ‘Print to PDF’ otherwise. Thanks for the extra info!

I emailed the invoice to myself then saved it and it worked

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