Logo on Invoice

My Templates are printing with a half cut out logo. Can anyone help please. Thank you

How large is your logo image file? It should be 250 KB or smaller. Also, are you using a custom theme?


Thank you for responding. The logo is 85 kb in size and i’m using a plain theme.

All my documents were printing perfectly, this problem started happening in the past week.

Do your forms look correct on screen?
Does the problem occur when creating a PDF, or only when printing?
Please post a screen shot showing this issue.


The forms are perfect on the screen. The top part of the page print with a cut out logo or cut out top


See attached printed version.

you did not answer whether you are creating a pdf or using the Print button in Manager.
if you are using the Print button, make sure your default printer margin settings are correct.
also please specify what Manager version and edition your are using.

@Freshways, your problem is not as you described. You said only that your logo was half cut out. In fact, your entire document is being printed oversized. The lefthand portion and title are missing, also. And the image is misaligned on the paper. You appear to have several printer issues.

Please answer the questions you have been asked. Also, what size paper are you printing on? Does this match the paper size selection under Email settings? (That is where Manager gets its paper size.)

to me that paper looks folded to hide the customer info. also, i might be wrong.

It’s when we print from Manager. The PDF documents are fine.

I think the version is 20.5.2

We have hidden the customer information. Like i said earlier today, it’s the top of the page that is cut. We print on A4

You quite correct. The printer settings are correct as all other documents are printed correctly. We’ve never had this issue before.

Please do not guess. Look at the version number. See Determine version number | Manager. Version 20.5.2 is outdated by a couple hundred versions. You should update regardless of your version number.

I also asked about the selection under Email settings. Please answer, as selecting one size and printing on another could cause problems.

Finally, try another of the built-in themes to see if the problem persists. See Change the look of forms with themes | Manager.

Also, @Freshways, if you have access to another printer, try that. It would help narrow possibilities. You can take a backup copy of your business and download the program to any computer.