Qty to invoice

I have notice that if under Customers tab you chose for one customer “Qty to invoice” with more than 18 items then if you try to convert to invoice not all items is transferred to the invoice you create.

Pease illustrate this with screen shots, including the Edit screen of a resulting sales invoice.

These are items should be invoiced to a customer

and here is the invoice that come out if you push the button “New Sales Invoice”

Your illustration does not show what you have complained about:

  • First, all 62 units of the 4 items listed under Qty to invoice appear on the invoice.
  • Second, 2 additional items appear on the sales invoice, adding 11 more units. So this sales invoice was obviously not generated by clicking the New Sales Invoice button on the Qty to invoice drill-down page.

Dear Tut,
What really do you think? You think that today I woke up and though “What shall I do today? Lets say some lies for the manager program” or maybe I am totally fool and I don’t know what am i doing, I say I push the button and then I add two more items to the invoice and after that I complain about these two items!!!
Please, if you don’t have something to say, don’t say anything and don’t insult users, because this is what are you doing

Here is another example @lubos

I am sorry if you believe I am insulting you. I am only trying to understand your complaint. The facts are that you said if there were more than 18 items to be invoiced, they were not being invoiced. Yet your screen shots show not only that (a) all 62 items in your example were invoiced, but that (b) 11 additional items were invoiced. No matter how you feel, that example does not illustrate the problem you said you are having. But it makes it difficult to know what you are complaining about.

Your second sequence of screen shots may show the problem you initially described. Three inventory items listed as needing to be invoiced are indeed missing from the sales invoice. Let’s choose the first one, beginning with ACC-0093. Please go to the Inventory Items tab and drill down on the this item’s quantity to invoice; then drill down again on the quantity to invoice for the particular customer you are showing. Post a screen shot of the quantity history that results.