On invoice qty line issue

What is the issue? If you are complaining that the third line shows no quantity, post a screen shot of the Edit screen for the transaction.

on qty line “ml” comes with quantity, blue marked

That is because you defined those inventory items to have a unit name, “ml”.

but that column is qty , Qty cant be ML, on the old invoice it don’t show, only the number is their, how can i remove it, it give wrong information on the invoice,

When all line items have the same unit name, the program substitutes that unit name for the column heading. So, in your second screen shot, all have a unit name of “MI”. But in your first screens shot, the third line item has no unit name (because it has no quantity at all). In other words, it is different from the others. So the program inserts the unit names for all quantities present and leaves the default column heading in place.

i removed “ml” from inventory unit it worked,

The trouble with that is that your transaction now has no unit of measure. So you do not know how much you are selling and your customer does not know how much they are buying.

What was wrong with transactions showing the unit of measure?

unit of measure mention on description ,