Invoice quantity different than delivery note quantity

I created an invoice then created a delivery note off that invoice.
The first screen shot is of the delivery screen. Note two Sales Invoices for 16052000102. One is showing a date of 6/3/2016 and the other for 5/28/16. They are both for the same invoice and event.

  • The next screen shot is when I click on the first Invoice from the delivery screen dated 6/3/2016
  • The third screen shot is when I click on the second invoice from the delivery screen dated 5/28/2016

Both of these are referencing the same invoice.
For some reason something is separating the total sold of 12 into 9 and 3 and inserting a date of 6/3/2016 on the delivery screen for this invoice.

The forth screen shot is of the Sales Invoice screen when I search for “102”. Note only one invoice for 16052000102 is found.

Am I missing something? I can’t see any setting or difference in creating two invoices or manually separating 12 items into 9 and 3? Thanks!

what exactly is the first screenshot of?
it does not look like a delivery notes tab which you have mentioned.

Sorry, it was the “Quantity to Deliver” page within inventory items

i can see the same thing happening at my end.
i do not know what causes this even when the inventory item has been selected only once in a sales invoice.
this behavior when selecting an inventory item multiple times in a sales invoice is understandable.
maybe @Tut can give some idea regarding this.

It is not possible to understand this situation without seeing all other invoices and all delivery notes and purchase invoices for the inventory item during a time frame that might affect quantities in various categories. I suspect your count showed you didn’t have 12 to deliver on 5/28/2016, yet entered a delivery note. When the item was replenished, the program updated things.