Invoice counter bug under customers tab


So far I’ve issued 7 invoices to one customer, but if i go on the customer tab, it shows 8.
Once I click on the number 8, the invoices shown are 7 in total.


Unless I made something wrong, It may be a small bug that can be fix on the next update.


What version are you using?

This was a bug but it was fixed some months ago

I updated it today at latest version available before doing my post.

I cannot reproduce this problem. Your screen shots do not show sufficient information to verify that it is occurring. Can you please show screen shots of:

  • The entire Sales Invoices tab listing, with headings. If necessary, you can first search for the specific customer where you think there is a problem.
  • The portion of the Customers tab including the entire line for this customer.
  • A drill-down on the Invoices figure for this customer from the Customers tab.
  • A drill-down on the Accounts receivable balance for this customer from the Customers tab. Show all invoices.

If necessary, you can obscure proprietary information.

Can you please provide the actual version number? See this Guide: Manager Cloud. Also, please confirm whether you are using desktop or server edition. And did you update from the official Manager web site or a third party software distributor? Those are often far out of date.

Hi tut,

I’m using Desktop version, the update is 18.5.40 (from manager website).
See in attachment the screenshots you’ve asked.

Thanks for the additional information, @pierix76. Everything was exactly as I needed except the last screen shot, which seems to point toward your trouble. You obscured all the amounts, which are what is needed to understand the situation. Based on what shows, you have an unexplained transaction on 5/31/2018 that is neither editable nor viewable. You have another one just barely showing at the bottom of the screen shot on which I cannot make out any details.

I also see, from the presence of two Amount columns that you may be operating in multiple currencies. The Euro appears to be your base currency. What currency is this customer denominated in?

Can you please post another screen shot showing the entire drill-down on this customer’s Accounts receivable balance in the Customers tab? (If you want to obscure proprietary information, please obscure the customer’s name, not the numbers. You might want to edit the last screen shot on the previous post.)

My base currency is HKD.

Please see Accounts receivable balance from the Customers tab

Your screen shots do not seem to correspond to the same business and customer. Or else, changes were made to the database between earlier ones and your latest.

Your list in Post #5 shows 2 sales invoices on 3/30/2018, 2 on 4/30/2018, one from way back on 2/28/2018,and 2 on 5/31/2018. But your latest screen shot shows no sales invoices on 3/30/2018, but three on 4/1/2018 (all from starting balance invoices that should be dated before your start date). Both 4/30/2018 invoices and both 5/31/2018 invoices are shown, but the 2/28/2018 invoice is missing.

So you seem to have edited several invoice dates between the times you captured some of these screen shots. This may have been done in connection with changing your start date. Can you explain what you did? You have obscured so much information, it is impossible to tell.

And what start date do you have set?

OK, my questions and comments about changed dates on invoices remain. But I was finally able to replicate your original problem of the invoice counter bug. I will write a separate bug report about it.


the screenshot provided are the same as before.
No changes have been made (why should i?? I’m trying to help improving the software).

I’m glad you have found the bug.

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I wish I could say I had found the bug. I did not. I only experienced it in circumstances I cannot duplicate.

I think I see why it looks like changes were made. In the Customers tab, when you drill down on Accounts receivable, pre-start-date sales invoices are shown as being issued on the start date, no matter what the actual issue date is.

So I assume your start date is set as 4/1/2018, based on what you have shown. Is that correct? (This is why I asked that question earlier.)

I confirm the starting date is 04/01/2018.
And there are 3 invoice that are earlier than that date.

This is correct. The system doens’t show the actual invoice date in this tab.