"New sales invoice" bug from Qty to Invoice

We have some customers that we deliver items to throughout the month and send them the invoice for all delivers at the end of the month.

Previously if you went to “Customers” ->“Customer name”->“Qty to invoice”->“New sales invoice” it would make an invoice with all the delivered non invoiced items on the invoice. These days it doesn’t. Is this intended or am I doing something wrong?

I’m on the cloud version.

Thank you!

The feature is still there, but there seems to be some bug with displaying the entry screen (v20.10.60):

I have moved this topic to the bugs category.

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I must be doing something differently because I’m not able to reproduce the bug. Could someone make a demo file and upload it here? Thanks

Attached is a backup of test company Brilliant Industries:

Brilliant Industries (2020-11-16).manager (152 KB)

Go to the Customers tab. Click on the Qty to Invoice figure for Bob’s Hardware:

Click on New Sales Invoice:

That is how I obtained the corrupted sales-invoice-form in post #2.

Thanks. Great. Fixed in the latest version (20.10.65)

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