Qty on hand in Sales invoice

Is it possible to show qty on hand of selected items in sales invoice?

If not can I create a custom theme and show the qty on hand in sales invoice?

No and no.

Why do want to show your customer your quantity on hand in a sales invoice?

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The thing is I just want to see if the item selected is in the negatives or not cause if it is then the employee should not select it.

Right now the employee has to manually check the item qty in inventory items.

Thank you for your response

In that case, you are not asking to see quantities available on the sale invoice. You are really asking to see a different tab while entering a sales invoice. You can do that by opening a second Manager window. Methods for doing that depend on which edition (desktop, server, or cloud) and operating system you are using. These methods have been explained previously on the forum. Search for them.


Ok will check it out
thank you for the information

May be what you are after is mentioned here

If it is, vote on it.

I voted on it
Thanks for informing