Inventory on hand indication on sales invoice


Today, while making sales invoice of one of my product, I entered quantity of 1000pcs . Then I saw my net profit was highly overstated. I check my cost of sales and it was understated. Then I checked my inventory. The sold product’s on hand quantity was -900 (Negative 900pcs). I realized that I forgot to enter the last purchase invoice of 900pcs, due to which difference occurred. I wanted to ask if there is any way that sales invoice show on hand inventory so that overselling wont happen next time.

This has been a subject of discussion in a myriad of posts.

And no, most unlikely

I can remember this has been a request by somebody earlier.
Inventory indication while invoicing if I am correct is a must feature and also the current outstanding of the selected customer which shall be on Sales Invoice by option

This has been in the ideas category for almost three years: Inventory zero warning.